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Halisi Vinson moved to Colorado from southern California in the 1990s and has been living in southeast Denver with her family for over fifteen years. She and her husband Ric, a former firefighter and city employee, have raised their son in the community, where he attended Hamilton Middle School and Thomas Jefferson High School. An advocate for building strong communities, Halisi manages a marketing and strategic planning firm  that specializes in supporting non-profits and small businesses. Halisi holds a Masters in Business Administration and has nearly 30 years of business experience, ranging from venture capital to corporate marketing. While working in a corporate context Halisi focused on investing and building capital, giving her valuable experience and understanding that will make her a strong leader on Denver’s City Council. Timbuk with toy and sallie

Denver needs leadership on City Council that understands the challenges that neighborhood businesses face.  Southeast Denver needs a voice that understands the correlation between strong local economies and neighborhoods where residents thrive.” ~Halisi Vinson

Halisi Vinson has always been active in the community, serving the residents of southeast Denver. Servant leadership isn’t just a strong value to Halisi, it’s who she is at her core.  Whether it has been as a part of the Hampden Heights Civic Association Board, volunteering as a mentor, or teaching youth entrepreneurship and leadership skills, Halisi has devoted her life to investing in her community, earning her the Inter Neighborhood Cooperative (INC) Neighborhood Star Award! Halisi realized the deep need to engage all residents in building a strong city.  She has been facilitating planning sessions with neighborhood associations asking the question, “what do you want our community to look like 10 years from now?”  These activities have engaged and empowered her neighbors in the political process.

“I was fortunate enough to grow up in a typical middle class family where we had safe streets, great local schools, and beautiful parks. SE Denver has those same assets. I want to build upon the assets of District 4, while addressing the felt needs of the community.” ~Halisi Vinson 

SE Denver is undergoing a period of change, and we need a leader like Halisi Vinson who is going to be an advocate and strong voice for District 4. We need a leader like Halisi Vinson with the vision to solve social problems and capitalize on opportunities. We need a leader like Halisi Vinson who will represent the people of District 4 and stand up for what the residents believe in.

group-photo-croppedI’m called to lead the residents of District 4 into an era of opportunity, which is why I’m running to be your councilwoman. I will make sure that we will have safer streets, better schools for our kids, and easier access to economic opportunities. As your council representative, I will partner with you, the community, and I ask that you partner with me now by investing in me with your vote. Together, we will build a brighter tomorrow. My name is Halisi Vinson, and I’m running to be the next leader of District 4″ ~Halisi Vinson


For More Information contact:

Emma Donahue
Campaign Manager

For Volunteer Opportunities or to Schedule a Meeting with Halisi contact

Brooke Baxa
Campaign Coordinator


303-550-1247 (cell) 

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